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Next Terms’ Clubs are your choice

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Morning All,

As Autumn Term flies by, it is time to start organising the clubs for the spring term. I would like to offer you the opportunity to choose those clubs for yourself. The usual morning activities will be available such as; Street Dance for both keystages, Tai Chi and Karate and it will be years 5&6 for football club. Please take the time to let me know (either on here or in the playground) so that we can run clubs that you will enjoy.

Competition coming your way Year 4

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It’s almost time for you to show off the hockey skills you have learnt in PE this term. We will be visiting Ranikhet, hopefully before Christmas, to compete against Coley, Battle, Palmer Academy and Oxford Road.

Why not tell the world what we have learnt this term that will help us compete for victory?

Hope you’re as excited as I am, keep your eyes peeled for more information as I get it.


Enjoy running? Read this post

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The Royal Berkshire School’s Challenge, featuring the Mini- mile and 3K Mini-marathon is set to return to Green Park in 2018. Running alongside the Royal Berkshire 10K, the Green Park School’s Challenge offers the perfect opportunity for children to get active, raise money and represent their school.
We at Wilson would like to enter a team for this event on 20 May 2018, if you would like to join us please post your interest or speak to me (Vicki) at school. Remember Running can be fun!! 

Year 5 Tag-Rugby

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Fantastic football

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Cross country at Crosfields School

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All of the children were absolutely amazing, everyone gave everything they had during the races.

Please tell the world your thoughts on the event children and if you can think of a way we can improve our training for next year please let me know

Reading half marathon

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Well done to all those who took part in the Reading  Half Marathon yesterday, I know there were some of our parents running, why not tell us how you got on? The Green Park Challenge was also run yesterday, with many of our children lining up on the start line, we would also like to hear about your race. If you have any pictures of the day please send them into school.  I would like to enter a Wilson team next year, if you are interested please let me know. We will run a club closer to the time of the race to help our team be the best they can.

Parkour at Wilson

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Oh my goodness, core and overall body  strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, precision and speed all displayed using amazing imagination, originality and fearlessness. Gymnastics reached another level in year 5 this term.

unusual ways to use the apparatus

can you see any differences between these balances

During these sessions, the children also focused on technical vocabulary, using the correct names for the different muscle groups working  in order to accomplish each move.

Show off year 5, tell the world what you know about the muscles in your body.

Wonderful Wilson show their cricketing prowess at The West Berkshire Kwik Cricket Day

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England v West Indies was great but not as amazing as the West Berkshire Kwik Cricket tournament at Ranikhet School on Tuesday 7 March.

 During the morning the children visited 6 stations, working with their classmates to further develop previously learnt skills essential for cricket. These skills included batting, underarm/ overarm throwing and catching, bowling, agility balance and coordination as well as a station preparing them for the game to be used in the afternoon’s competition.    

Showing us that we need a straight bat, foot by the side of the ball and head over it

Then it was our turn


excellent long barriers



For the afternoon, each school was split into teams, ours were;

Warriors   Whales  
Yusif A Ayesha Jacob Alvi
Hanusia Mariusz Hasnain Alicia
Luke Maaz Daniella Valeri
Cara Rachel Hewad Amera
Aryan Maxim Mustafa Yaaseen


Wolves   Wildcats  
Ume Joyce Richel Moosab
Malaika Shayan Jack Kenzi
Yusif E Ike Hannah Ewa
Maisie Ruqayah Harry Taliah
Emma Kyle Jenny Zeshaan


Wombats   Wizards  
Fatima Catrin Mariam Inayah
Laiba Harley W Sri Mayi Flossie
Jennifer Malaki Farhan Teo
Kelis Mia Annie Mohsen
Maison Maja Nicola Harley S


and all of the teams divide into 6 leagues. The game was a variation on ‘rapid fire’, an age appropriate game incorporating the majority of the skills necessary to play cricket as we know it.

All of Wilson teams won their leagues, 2 of which went through to the semi-finals of the cup and 2 to the plate. The tension mounted as Wilson Warriors and Whales won their semi-finals seeing our school through to the final of both sides of the competition. Watching with bated breath, the remaining Wilson teams whole-heartedly supported their school mates, Wilson Warriors the overall winners of the competition.

Well done to all involved you should be very proud of your achievements on that day as I and all of the adults who accompanied you are. Please let us know how you felt on the day and your favourite part.

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Rugby 6 nations

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England win once again and with the help of Wales, we retain the title on the penultimate weekend of the competition, along with the Calcutta Cup and the Triple Crown.  Scotland didn’t have the best of games it must be said, but that’s not to take anything away from the performance by England, they came out firing right from the whistle.

Please give your comments on the competition so far. Are England going to win the Grand Slam or will Ireland put a stop to their 19 match undefeated run?

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